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  • Kevlar Merino Gloves $119

    Constructed in 4mm neoprene and lined using Tridents painted Merino lining providing superior thermal protection, made for diving in very cold water... Read MORE

  • Kevlar Glove $89

      Constructed in 4mm neoprene outstanding in applications where there is wear and tear on the palms, such as wreck diving, salvage, hunting, et... Read MORE

  • Amara Gloves $59

    The Amara Gloves leather palm is durable enough for Cray hunter while maintain excellent dexterity 3mm titanium lined neoprene for warmth Plastis... Read MORE

  • Explorer Merino Boots $149

    The Explorer merino boot benefits from Tridents patented merino lining system resulting in a 5mm zipped boot with unparallel comfort and warmth in a... Read MORE

  • Elite Boots $119

    A 7mm boot using Trident's proprietary sole that is heavy duty yet flexible enough to fit into any fin pocket with ease. Over-foot strapping providi... Read MORE

  • Explorer Boot $89

    The Trident Explorer 5mm boot is a premium boot that features a sturdy sole that has a low profile to enhance comfort and fit into any fin foot pock... Read MORE

  • Drysuit over boots $149

    Designed to be warn over the attached newprene sock, the Trident overboot provides unsurpassed comfort and supports while fitting easily into any fin... Read MORE

  • Oceanpro Zip Boot $49

    An inexpensive 5mm zipped boot offering surprising comfort and durability. Read MORE