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Explorer2 7mm

The latest in two piece wetsuit technology; the Explorer2 is lined throughout with Tridents patented Merino lining system providing exceptional warmth and comfort. The attached hood system eliminates water entry though the neck and is fully opening to create the perfect fit.  

The male long john has a pull over bib to reduce water transfer while the ladies has a zip open front for easy entry.  The Kevlar knee pads and Rough skin outer materials make the Explorer2 ideal for the hardcore kiwi diver.

Either the Jacket or the Long John/Jane can be used as a stand-alone item when the water warms or for watersports activities.

  • 7mm titanium lined neoprene
  • Jackets and Farmer Johns/Janes may be purchased separately, allowing for a custom fit
  • Tridents patented Merino™ lining throughout
  • All zippers are brass to resist breakage
  • O-ring wrist seals
  • 8” ankle zippers aid in donning and doffing
  • Kevlar knee pads
  • Molded rubber shoulder pads
  • Heavy-duty Small Diamond exterior in high-wear areas to resist abrasion
  • Double-glued and blind stitched construction
  • Stress disks applied at all internal seam intersections for added strength

Available in Male sizes: Small, Medium, Medium Tall, Medium Large, Medium Large Tall, Large Short, Large, , XL,  XXL, and XXXL.
Available in Female sizes: XS, Small, Medium,  Medium Large, Large, and XL. 

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